No, that is not the world's most awesome Michigan Wolverines beer pong table. It's a million-dollar race car that's powered by the sun, and in the most recent episode of Translogic, our sister site visits the University of Michigan Solar Car Team to learn all about it.

The Wolverines have been racing in international solar car competitions since 1989, having built 11 cars in the past 23 years. They've won the North American Solar Challenge six times, including the last three in a row, and will be defending their title this July. The team finished third in the World Solar Challenge last year in Australia, and is currently working on a new car design for the 2013 event.

The car itself, dubbed Quantum, is a poem to minimalism, light weight and efficiency. It can run at over 100 miles per hour, thanks to its ultra-efficient, 12-horsepower, in-hub electric motor and a low curb weight of just 320 pounds.

Scroll down to watch the full episode and see the U of M team in action.

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