Ever wish your 1971 Plymouth Barracuda had just a wee bit more power and the ability to negotiate curves? Got an extra $180,000 laying around? That's what this Vipercuda will cost you on eBay.

Don't think it's just an expensive engine transplant, though. Beneath that 40-year-old, long hood, short deck 'Cuda body is all snake. The Viper's 450-hp engine, 18-inch front, 19-inch rear wheels, suspension and even the two-seat interior were modified, customized and rearrangeified to attractively fit into what was a four-seat '70s muscle car.

The transmission is a six-speed manual Tremec mated to a heavy duty 3.07 rear. Exhaust is a custom setup with dual pipes, glasspacks and resonators exiting the rear instead of the side. Dual Aldan coilovers assist the stock Viper suspension.

The hood is electrically operated to open and tilt forward for easy viewing of that massive V10. Topping off the package are the tastefully-done, flat black snakes on the rear quarter panels. It's an impressive build, to be sure, but is it worth its asking price?

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