Long, long ago, when we first put our grubby hands on a driver's license, someone passed on a bit of sage wisdom: in the wrong hands, a car can be more dangerous than any gun. The video after the jump is a keen reminder of this fact. Autoblog reader Vasiliy tells us the individual in the kamikaze SUV seen here allegedly brought his new purchase back to the dealership to have a faulty shock replaced. When the dealer refused to do the work, the man decided to take the issue into his own hands by ramming his Suzuki through the front glass and into multiple Nissan vehicles parked in the showroom.

While we would never condone property damage or putting innocent bystanders in danger, we suspect replacing the shock would have been significantly cheaper for all parties involved. There's no word on any injuries or damage estimates – or what happened to our intrepid show room demolisher once the local law enforcement caught up with him, but we're guessing a poor-handling Grand Vitara is now the least of his concerns. Scroll down to watch the security camera footage for yourself.

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