According to a report from Car and Driver, documents submitted to the California Air Resources Board and to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration both point to a new arrival in the Fiat 500 line: a turbocharged hatch called the 500T Sport. The NHTSA document was a key for decoding a car's VIN, the "500T Sport" moniker appearing in the Series classification. The CARB paperwork approved California's certification of a boosted 1.4-liter engine for an unnamed Fiat product, along with the the Dodge Dart and 500 Abarth, which use the same engine.

There is currently a 59-horsepower spread between the 500 and the 500 Abarth, as well as a $6,500 difference in MSRP, which is a chasm offering plenty of space to mine a middle model.
C/D figures the 500T Sport will put out something around 130 hp and debut sometime over the next year, and a fan site, Fiat500USA, has found pics of what might be the car we'll get.

FIAT 500 Information

FIAT 500

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