Tesla Motors head Elon Musk has got his head in the clouds. Actually, he's thinking about the area above our clouds: creating a way for people to live on Mars. Or, as he puts it, making life "multi-planetary."

Musk was on The Daily Show last night and talked mostly about the company he runs that isn't about electric cars, SpaceX, whose main goal is to explore nearby space and find a way for people to live Up There. While SpaceX was the main topic of conversation, Musk did mention Tesla a few times, and said that sustainable energy on earth is an easier – and more important – goal than moving humans to Mars (maybe John Carter helped make this clear?). Musk also mentions the idea of the "tragedy of the commons," so go read up on that before watching this one if you're unfamiliar with that term. You can watch the interview by scrolling down.

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