Custom Cadillac baby stroller leaves us feeling cheated about our childhoods

One of the great insufferable truths of adulthood is that toys are always cooler when you're too old to acceptably play with them. Take this custom-built Cadillac baby stroller, for example. A scale model of the iconic '60, the stroller features underbody lighting, sweet whitewall tires, unique pin striping and a slick red interior. Of course, that's just what's on the surface. Doting parents may also press a button to make the stroller shoot flames. That's right: shoot flames. We're in love.

If you're as smitten as we are and happen to have a rug rat on the way, you can actually purchase fiberglass pedal-car shells for just $199.99 from eBay. Of course, you'll need to throw your own blood, sweat and tears into the mix to create a final product on par with the the one in the video after the jump. Not a Cadillac fan? No problem. You can also snap up everything from '32 Ford roadsters to '51 Mercury convertibles and even '41 Willys Truck shells as well. You can find them here. In the mean time, hit the jump for a little video inspiration.

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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