How do you make the hot-selling Volkswagen Beetle even hotter? Chop the top!

Car and Driver says sun worshippers will have a convertible option when buying their Beetle next year. The news should be a surprise to no one, but engine choices could be.

VW says all the powertrain options in the coupe will be available in the convertible. That means the 170-horse five-cylinder, the 200-hp turbo four and even the 140-horse, 236 pound-feet of torque TDI diesel. Both transmissions will be on the menu as well: six-speed DSG or a six-speed manual.

Car and Driver speculates that VW will probably show off the convertible Bug at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November. When it goes on sale in the spring, it'll be the only diesel convertible available in the States.The way VW's diesels are selling, don't expect the Bug version to sit around on lots very long.

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