Last week we brought you Inside Line's list of the 10 cars most likely to be owned by a women. The Volvo S40 came out on top among the ladies. But what's most likely to be owned by a guy? Minivans? Fuel-efficient hatchbacks? Hybrids?


At the top of Inside Line's list is the very masculine, testosterone-oozing Ferrari 458 Italia. It should be no surprise that 95.3% of 458 owners are men. We sure would like to meet the other 4.7%.

Ahem. Anyway, in second place is the BMW 1 Series M Coupe, then the Audi R8, the Mercedes SLS AMG and then, at No. 5, the Ferrari California. So far, we've pretty much recited every male motorhead's ultimate wish list. Seriously, what self-respecting man doesn't put himself to sleep every night running through the gears of any of those cars?

At No. 6, is the perennial Porsche 911, then the Nissan GT-R at No. 7 with 87.9% male ownership. No. 8 is the obligatory GMC Sierra pickup closely followed by the Ford F-Series at No. 9. Rounding out the list at No. 10 is the consummate mid-life crisis Chevy Corvette with 86.9% male ownership.

So where does that leave the Ford F-650? Are there really that many women buying that monster?

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