We'll be able to share full details on the electric LE Concept from Infiniti when the embargo lifts later today, but our ace photographer Drew Phillips happened to be on the automaker's New York Auto Show stand when officials uncovered the shiny showcar while conducting a practice run-through of their presentation.

The four-door LE concept is broadly believed to presage an upscale pure electric production model based on Nissan Leaf mechanicals for the Infiniti marque. Our man on the scene indicates that the LE is a fairly striking bit of work, with a front end that fits in well with the brand (though the chrome-edged pinched grille is a bit much). The hood line incorporates bulges along its edges, presumably for aerodynamic purposes like those on Leaf. Phillips also remarked that the rear three-quarter view looks a bit like the Hyundai Elantra, a similarity we can see but don't imagine Infiniti designers will necessarily appreciate.

We can't talk specs yet, but for pointers, the Leaf's electric powertrain generates 107 horsepower and 208 pound-feet of torque and it features a 100-mile range. Stick with us and we'll have the full skinny around noon.

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