It's April 2 today, which means we've made it through all the April Fools' Day gags (stay tuned for more on that front...) and it's time to turn to more serious stuff. And nothing is more serious than the 2013 SRT Viper that debuts on April 4 at the New York Auto Show.

While we've seen teasers and spy shots, renderings and some other assorted approximations of what the first Viper without a Dodge badge will look like, we think this latest one really kills it. Courtesy of artist Jon Sibel, this is one of those images that looks good enough to be the real thing. If it were, we'd be pleased with the new Snake. We imagine everyone at Chrysler would too.

Besides this great rear three-quarter shot, Sibel has done up a nice Viper roadster that you can see in our gallery.

Dodge Viper Information

Dodge Viper

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