We pity the fool who don't think this is cool. Put aside the celebrity provenance of this "authentic replica," allegedly "certified" by George Barris, for now and just take a look at the thing. It appears to be a spot-on knock-off of B.A. Baracus' bad attitude van, the perfect midlife-crisis toy for anyone who grew up watching The A-Team. Imagine how cool it would be to drop the kids off at school in this?

Okay, the traffic snarl during drop-off time won't clear out any faster, but when it comes to "manly vans," you can't top this custom 1983 Chevrolet G10. Wait, what's that you say? B.A. drove a GMC? Of course he did. But this is a replica, and one that seems to have been built from a nearly identical Chevy donor.

The seller claims the van was built for none other than Mike Myers, he of Wayne's World and Austin Powers fame. We'd like to see some documentation of this celebrity provenance, though it's not the sort of thing that we'd see too much value in, regardless. We're also curious about the last line of the sale ad: "Movie coming out in June!" It was back in June 2010 that the A-Team feature film debuted, which makes us think the seller might be willing to deal on his $20,000 price.

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