Chrysler turns to ground game with new "Second Half" ads post Super Bowl

Chrysler today is launching a continuation of its Halftime In America ad effort for the Ram pickup, Chrysler 300, Dodge Challenger and Jeep Wrangler.

The new ads do not feature Clint Eastwood, as the February Super Bowl ad did.

The Ram ad, titled "Tommy and The Ram," is a vignette that depicts a wife's admiration for her husband's hard work and determination to provide for his family in any economic environment. There is a great line in this ad as he drives his Ram to a job site: "Where there's a truck, there's a job." The idea here is that as long as he has a reliable truck, he always has a chance to earn.

The ad for the Chrysler 300 is told through a father talking about his pride in his son making his own way in life, while the Wrangler spot is told through the story of a young daughter adapting to a new life and new city with her family.

The ads will be breaking during the NCAA Men's basketball semi-finals, NHL games, NASCAR, Mad Men and the American Country Music Awards.

Watch all four ads below.
The series of ads is a much stronger follow to this year's Super Bowl ad than the ads that followed last year's Super Bowl ad featuring Eminem.

The story-telling ads, created by Portland, Ore.-based Wieden & Kennedy, may strike some as schmaltzy. But some of the best, most memorable ads in history have drawn on schmaltz.

But in our opinion, these TV spots are among the best "story-telling" ads we have seen in the car category in years. There are an awful lot of women, in particular, who will identify with ads like the Ram ad. What we like in the depiction is that it's clear that this husband and wife are a team, and that they each value what the other does a great deal to hold house and home together in the face of hard economic times.

It remains to be seen if the ads' messages of independence and self reliance get politicized as the Super Bowl ad was, with Republican pundits complaining it was an ad meant to favor President Obama.

Ironically, the messages in these ads, which Chrysler is calling its "Second Half" campaign, about self reliance and determination (we hear in the Ram ad that our hero refused financial help from his father-in-law) is probably thematically closer to campaign-year Republican rhetoric than Democratic.

Watch all four ads below and let us know what you think of them in the comments.

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During Super Bowl XLVI, Chrysler Group LLC debuted "It's Halftime in America," an ad that was created to capture the fighting spirit this country is known for and to serve as a reminder that we all have the ability to come together to make a difference.

This weekend, the company will unveil four new television spots as part of the continuation of "It's Halftime in America." As you watch, you will see familiar scenes from the Super Bowl spot that weave their way in each of these commercials; all of which were scripted and filmed at the same time.

Each spot was inspired by stories we've heard from people across the country, showing the things they are doing every day to move forward and win their own second half. They are each intended to be stories of hope and encouragement.

Each of these ads has its own theme and dives deeper into the essence of the Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep® and Ram Truck brands:

• Chrysler "300 My Son Steven" – A father's pride in his adult son making his own way in life. This commercial encourages one to dream big, set your own course and shoot for the stars.
• Dodge "Shaun in the Challenger" – A father speaks to the importance of honor and family. In this spot, the focus is on the importance of family and this great country.
• Jeep "Jenny in the Jeep Wrangler" – The story of a young daughter who is adapting to a new life and a new city with her family. We see our characters reinvent, persevere and embrace the spirit of American resilience.
• Ram "Tommy and the Ram" – A wife's admiration for her husband's selfless and unwavering determination to provide for his family. This piece highlights the meaning of persistence, determination, dedication and taking on the path of responsibility.

I encourage you to look for these new commercials as they air throughout the weekend during major sporting and entertainment broadcast events – moments when Americans will once again find themselves gathered together. This includes the NCAA men's basketball semi finals (Jeep and Chrysler) and national championship game (Dodge), as well as NHL (Dodge), NASCAR (Ram), the American Country Music Awards (Ram), "Mad Men" (Chrysler) and AMC network (Jeep).

Each spot was created in partnership with the Portland, Ore.-based advertising agency, Wieden+Kennedy. The videos can be viewed at the Chrysler brand YouTube channel,

I'd like to remind everyone as they watch to remember the spirit of "It's Halftime in America" and its simple message that in the land of opportunity, everyone has the right to dream and the power to turn that dream into reality.

Olivier Francois
Chief Marketing Officer, Chrysler Group LLC

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