There was an old ad campaign for Reese's Peanut Butter Cups that involved two people, one holding a chocolate bar and the other an open jar of peanut butter, colliding. " got peanut butter on my chocolate." The other guy said, "You got chocolate in my peanut butter."

On Wednesday, that scenario played out on a much larger scale in Northern Ontario when a Brinks Truck hit a rock out-cropping that tore a gash in the vehicle sending $5 million in coins out onto the highway. The wreck set off a chain reaction of vehicles crashing into the wreck, one of which was a candy that spilled out onto the highway mixing with the coins.

If there wasn't already a long-standing holiday tradition of putting chocolate coins in Christmas stockings, the incident might have spawned the idea.

Local constables had to guard the area to prevent scavengers from making off with the Canadian loonies and candy. Magnets attached to cranes were employed to try and collect as many of the coins, which came fresh from the Canadian Mint, as possible.

The Brinks driver and passenger were hospitalized with life threatening injuries.

After the police have left, we are pretty sure we will see citizens with metal detectors up there trying to see what valuable crumbs were left behind--of the money. not the candy.

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