The news of Azure Dynamic's bankruptcy protection filing is rippling through the EV world – especially among people who have purchased the Ford Transit Connect Electric (TCE) delivery van. Azure is the company that adds the all-electric powertrain to Ford's practical little hauler.

For now, no new TCEs will be made. Azure's Mike Elwood told AutoblogGreen that production of the Transit Connect Electric has stopped as a result of the restructuring and that, "While we go through our restructuring there will be no TCE activity until we present an approved plan." So, what happens to people who have purchased a TCE and need help fixing the vehicle? Elwood said, "We are currently working on a service plan that we should be able to release next week pertaining to all AZD vehicles in the marketplace." Warranty issues will be a part of this plan.

How will this situation affect Azure's other green vehicle programs, like the Balance hybrid vans? All Elwood would say is that, "Our green vehicle program will continue relative to the restructuring."

Ford's Wes Sherwood told AutoblogGreen that Azure's filing does not affect Ford's overall EV and green-vehicle strategy. "Our priority is to ensure that Azure's Transit Connect Electric customers continue to have support throughout their ownership experience," he said. "Our Ford electric vehicle product plans remain on track, as part of our commitment to provide customers the power of choice for fuel economy solutions across our lineup – from EcoBoost-powered vehicles and hybrids to plug-in hybrids and full electrics."

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