Add one Arizona company to the list of entities looking to string together a network of electric-vehicle charging stations.

GoE3 says it plans to build a network of Level 2 and Level 3 charging stations along U.S. interstates, with the first stations to open as part of an unnamed rally and reality show being filmed this summer. The company says the stations will be installed at 50- to 75-mile intervals along I-10, I-20, I-40 and I-70, with 50 planned by next month and another 450 slated to be opened within the next three years.

Not much else has been disclosed about the project, except that GoE3 will charge a hefty $12.50 for a full charge at Level 3 machines, which will be able to fully replenish EVs in as little as 10 minutes, depending on the vehicle.

GoE3 is among public and private entities banking on a surge in sales of plug-in vehicles. Michigan's Center for Automotive Research said last year that Americans will buy 140,000 electric-drive vehicles in 2014, while Pike Research said EV and plug-in hybrid sales will jump sixfold from 2011 to 2015 to about 300,000 units.

The federal government, along with ECOtality, launched its EV Project in 2009, which earmarked the build-out of as many as 14,000 charging stations across the country during the next few years. Currently, there are about 2,600 publicly accessible electric-vehicle charging stations across the U.S., according to the U.S. Department of Energy.
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Arizona Company Plans Coast-to-Coast Fast Charging Network

Mesa, Arizona – March 23, 2012 -There are more reasons to celebrate electric vehicles this Earth Day, thanks in part to GoE3 , an Arizona-based company which is launching plans for the nation's first coast-to-coast charging network. These Level 2 and Level 3 stations for electric vehicles will make interstate travel finally a reality for electric vehicles and plug-in EVs. The launch event, which includes the unveiling of the first Level 2/Level 3 combination charger station, is a milestone event for the long range electric car market.

While metropolitan charging stations for electric vehicles already exist, many are Level Two 30 Amp. Those being planned by GoE3 will be Level Two, 70 Amp or higher, will be the most fully functional on the market, support all modern electric vehicles and will be the first to be installed on interstates, supporting long range travel. GoE3 will introduce the first installment of the total 500 charging stations planned in conjunction with a road rally and reality TV show being produced this summer.

GoE3 is working with multiple partners to install charging stations and benefit local communities along interstate highways I-40, I-10, I-20 and I-70 with a station located every 50-75 miles. For Level 3 chargers, the costs will be $12.50 for a full charge and take 10 to 45 minutes, depending on how depleted the battery is. The company will roll out the route of its first 50 planned locations by April 21 with the remaining 450 in the next 18-36 months. A complete route from Flagstaff to Tucson has been secured.

While the only plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles currently capable of long-range highway travel in America are the Chevy Volt and Tesla Motors, GoE3 founder and CEO Bruce Brimacombe hopes that creating the nation's first electric vehicle charging network across interstates will encourage more drivers to purchase electric vehicles and travel further.

"If the national goal is having one million electric vehicles on American roads by 2015, we must all work harder to shift perceptions on how useful, practical and affordable electrical vehicle travel can be," Brimacombe says. Electric vehicles require little maintenance and cost of ownership is low aside from the battery replacement and this will come down in time, he says.

GoE3 has strategically selected the Tucson Arizona-based Biosphere 2 complex for its launch event.

"Biosphere 2 is a Mecca for research, which is why we chose it as the location for the GoE3 launch," said Brimacombe. "Because of their association with the University of Arizona, Biosphere 2 has the will and the talent to not only provide us with a platform to test how our chargers function when powered by solar and other forms of renewable energy; but also gives our partners, students, and researchers a medium for collaboration to discover and share answers on real world applications. It's a valuable experience for all involved."

Biosphere 2 will be holding an Earth Day event of its own on Saturday, April 21, in conjunction with the GoE3 launch, all of which is open to the public. The event will feature demos of new charging stations, offer test drives of the latest electric vehicles and two other ribbon cutting ceremonies to celebrate the greater Earth Day theme.

Company Information:

Jezlin Media, LLC ( is a economic change engine that endeavors to change popular perceptions about renewable energy through actions that lead to a sustainable future. The core objective of Jezlin Media, LLC is to launch GoE3: Campaign for Energy Independence, which will serve as a conduit to achieve its mission. This will be by way of a unique business concept that combines multi-media targeting B to B, B to C, and C to C audiences and the installation of the country's first coast-to-coast Electric Vehicle charging network. This awareness objective will be kicked off with a National EV Road Rally which will be filmed and made ready for a new reality TV show. For more information visit

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