The future of Saab could be electric! If it has a future, that is. The Swedish firm famously filed for bankruptcy last December and since then, the saga to save the company has turned into a struggle to revive it. One of the biggest obstacles, it seems, is General Motor's unwillingness to allow the technology it licensed to Trollhatten to be transferred to new owners. At least, new owners from China. Yes, it's a real sob (sorry about that) story.

Anywho... one of the current batch of bidders, an unnamed Chinese/Japanese consortium with "serious" money, is reported to have a made an aggressive offer that would see the company primarily producing electric vehicles. It's bid also includes plans for a new battery plant.

The concept of electric Saabs isn't entirely new. The company had been building a 70-strong test fleet of 9-3s – using UQM motors and Boston Power batteries – as recently as 10 months ago. Whether this bid will shock Saab back to life will remain unclear for the time being. All offers will be undergoing evaluation until at least the end of April.

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