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If you hear the pejorative "chick car," what comes to mind? Mazda MX-5 Miata? Volvo C70? Would you believe neither made Inside Line's list of 2011 models with the highest percentage of female ownership? No. 1, with 57.9-percent female ownership was the Volvo S40. Considering the female dollar is sought-after, it's probably too bad that Volvo decided to axe the model for 2012.

That means No. 2, the Nissan Rogue with 56.9 percent, could take the top spot for 2012. Or maybe the VW Eos at No. 3 with 56.4 percent. We're also kind of wondering how the new Fiat 500 will fare this year.

No. 4 is another VW that shouldn't surprise. The cute New Beetle has been a perennial favorite among the ladies. It was No. 1 a year ago, but as we know, the newer, more aggressively styled Beetle is enjoying increased interest among the guys. No. 5? The Toyota Matrix, of all things.

Here's how the rest shake out according to Inside Line:

Top ten 2011 models with the highest proportion of female buyers

  1. Volvo S40 - 57.9%
  2. Nissan Rogue - 56.9%
  3. Volkswagen Eos - 56.4%
  4. Volkswagen New Beetle - 54.6
  5. Toyota Matrix - 54.1%
  6. Hyundai Tucson - 54%
  7. Honda CR-V - 53.4%
  8. Toyota RAV4 - 54%
  9. Nissan Juke - 52.7% (tie)
  10. Jeep Compass - 52.7% (tie)

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