CBS' 60 Minutes sat down with Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne last night to discuss the automaker's resurrection and the touch-and-go period in 2009 when the Fiat executive began talks with the federal government over a controlled Chrysler bankruptcy. Marchionne said that when he arrived at Chrysler, the company's employees were all afraid the company wouldn't survive. Now, he says, that fear is gone. The segment explains how Marchionne saw early on how well Chrysler strengths, specifically in minivans and light trucks, could dovetail with Fiat experience in small-car technology. The executive calls Chrysler the "other half" of the Fiat coin from a product perspective.

The segment also spends some time looking at the upcoming Dodge Dart, with Marchionne saying the car is "mechanically outstanding." The executive played a strong hand in improving both Fiat and Chrysler quality, at least according to Consumer Reports. The besweatered Marchionne also spends a bit of time talking about American workers and the labyrinth of bureaucracy within Chrysler when he arrived. Hit the jump to watch – it's well worth the 13 minutes of your day.

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