Looks like Bob Lutz gave up criticizing the way Fox News talks about the Chevrolet Volt just in time. Lee Spieckerman of Spieckerman Media was on Fox & Friends this morning absolutely raving about GM's plug-in hybrid, and the host agreed with everything he said. See for yourself after the jump.

Spieckerman starts with the phrase, "I'm a Texan, I love oil," but then makes a cogent, conservative case for the Volt, calling it "the iPhone of the American car industry" and a "wonderful vehicle." What follows is a few minutes of pure Volt fanboi discussion. The GM-Volt forums are, understandably, appreciative of this change of tone and, as CalCars' Felix Kramer put it, "Lee Spieckerman, Texas conservative, somehow gets on Fox News with a different message. Bob Lutz couldn't have said it better!"

Host Steve Doocy, in this interview, completely backed Spieckerman that the Volt is amazing, saying he test drove one over the weekend and that it was "smooth as glass." He also, without a hint of irony, talks about "the myth that so many people think Barack Obama came to office and shoved this down GM's throat" (where could they have gotten that idea?) Can the claim that the Volt is going to beat the terrorist thanks to President Bush's foresight be that far behind? Actually, Fox News calls the video piece, "Can the Chevy Volt help win the War on Terror?" so that question is already answered.

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