That's right, the potential Republican Potentate is an AMC muscle car; according to the Secret Service, anyway. The Republican race for the presidential nomination is getting serious, and National Public Radio reports that the the Secret Service is stepping in to offer its protective services to the potential nominees. When this happens, code names are given to the protectees; for example, President Reagan was called "Rawhide" by those watching out for him. Mitt's new Secret Service handle? Javelin.

The candidates are presented with the list of potential security handles, and Romney apparently thought a nod to the car company his old man ran suited him just fine. Does it say something about the way he sees himself? Kenosha, Wisconsin-based American Motors Corporation was ever the cash-strapped scrapper; a bit of a contrast from Romney's well-funded election machine, but he won't be the first person to romanticize the last independent.

The biggest question we have is which one he thinks he is? A Javelin SST with the optional Go-Pack would indicate he thinks he's a serious performer, while a Pierre Cardin edition might match up more with the tastes of a man accustomed to the finer things. In any case, it will be hard to look at a Javelin from now on and not see Mitt's well-coiffed, perfect-teeth grin.

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