It's funny how a couple of letters can change the meaning of a word entirely. Take "racy" and "racing," for example. One implies a certain charge of sexuality, while the other refers to the competition of getting from Point A to Point B the quickest. Pamela Anderson, for example, would be one we'd categorize under the former, but now the Canadian model/actress/bombshell is breaking into the latter by launching her own racing team.

Downforce1 by Pamela Anderson is the name of the new team that will be fielding an Aston Martin Vantage GTE in both the (European) Le Mans Series and the International GT Open, wearing white and blue livery with the glamour model's signature and bearing the logos of PETA (the animal rights group for which Anderson is a spokesperson) and ICM (the talent agency that manages her career). The team is apparently being managed by a Swiss outfit with ten years of experience in GT racing.

This is not the first time we've seen a model lending her image to a racing team: Paris Hilton was connected to a MotoGP squad a couple of years back, and now Pam appears to be following in her high-heeled footsteps. And apparently she's not stopping at GT racing, either, as the effort could spawn a NASCAR team as well. In the meantime, Anderson hopes to be present at as many of the races as her schedule will allow. Which ought to be plenty distracting for the racers.

So what is it about models like Pam headlining racing teams? Beyond the usual barrage of innuendos – the airbags have, after all, been removed – maybe the former Baywatch starlet herself put it best in a recent interview with British tabloid The Sun: "Fast cars and fast women go together." Who are we to argue?

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