The all-electric Leaf hasn't exactly set the sales charts ablaze since it hit the market, but it has succeeded in delivering a zero-emissions halo to the Nissan brand, and the model's fortunes are poised to improve now that it's a 50-state offering. What's more, reports that the electric love will soon migrate over to Nissan's luxury marque, but with a lot of Leaf under some sexier sheetmetal.

We've heard rumors of an Infiniti-branded EV concept for some time now, but details on the electric concept car have been scarce to this point. Now, the automaker tells TDB that it will feature G-Series-inspired styling with a sprinkling of inspiration from the Emerg-E concept (pictured above). Infiniti wants to frame the unnamed concept as a luxury car first and EV second, with more performance and a larger battery pack than the Leaf's 24 kilowatt-hour lithium-ion setup.

The concept will reportedly also utilize a 6kWh charger that will charge a spent battery in about half the time needed for the Leaf. The beefier charger is likely to make it to production, since the Leaf will reportedly get the 6kWh unit by December.

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