Infiniti's rival to the BMW 3 Series is known by just one letter – that letter, of course, being G – but the range is expanding beyond the solitary G35 that had been the mainstay of the line for years. The G35 was succeeded by the G37 (pictured above) and recently supplemented by the smaller-displacement G25, but emerging reports indicate that Infiniti has a whole raft of new versions on their way.

The report from Car and Driver is bolstered by tell-tale trademark applications for the nameplates G35h, G30t and G22d. The numbers tell us something, but it's the lower-case letters that follow which really indicate what to expect. The G35h, then, could seemingly adapt the hybrid powertrain currently found in the M35h, coupling a 3.5-liter V6 with electric assist. The G30t suggests a turbocharged engine is in the pipeline, though it's too early to tell if the spool would be fitted to a four- or six-cylinder engine. Finally, a G22d could join the range of diesel models which Infiniti currently offers in Europe.

We'll have to wait and see if and when the Nissan premium marque rolls out these model variants on its mainstay line of sedans, coupes and convertibles, but the trademark filings at least give some guidelines to our anticipation.

Infiniti G37 Information

Infiniti G37

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