No, this is not the screenplay for The Hangover Part III. But this story does demonstrate how brilliant ideas conceived at the bar with your buddies have a tendency to snowball out of control. In this case, a single, flippant thought (How high can a taxi meter go?), one that might have been resolved by Googling, led to a 50,000-mile excursion in an eBay Motors-sourced, $2,000 car.

The story, as told by The Wall Street Journal, is an adventure tale of epic proportions, starring three 20-somethings from Great Britain. They left the U.K. over a year ago on a drive around the world, armed only with a 1992 London Black Cab and the desire to set the world record for the longest taxi ride. Their journey has taken them to the Middle East in time for the Arab Spring, up to the Arctic Circle, and as high as a Mount Everest base camp.

The Journal caught up with the trio in New York City after a 12-state tour of the U.S., where one of the British buddies saw fit to comment on our national obsession with the cost of gasoline. "Americans don't know how good they have it," he told the reporter, after recounting how he paid $12/gallon for fuel in Turkey.

As the friends have driven their cab, dubbed "Hannah," around the world, they've been having quite a laugh, but they've also been raising money for the British Red Cross, in the form of corporate sponsorships, according to the report.

Click past the jump to see a video interview with the intrepid travelers, and don't forget to check in on the trio's progress via their blog,

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