Anyone who has ever set up a Hot Wheels track knows that there is no more awesome an automotive stunt than the loop-the-loop. While some would argue that a good old fashioned Duke Boys jump takes the prize, we feel that the case for driving upside down is just irrefutable. That there are apparently people actively setting new world records for driving around loop-the-loops only makes us more convinced.

A new Guinness World Record for circling the largest loop-the-loop was set just a few months ago by Li Yatao, who drove a Youngman Lotus L5 around a loop with a diameter of 42 feet, 2.69 inches. The car appears to have had both front and rear bumpers removed to improve ground clearance during the run, and of course, a full roll cage was fitted. Yatao is a driver on a Youngman factory team – yes, that Youngman, the would-be suitor for Saab.

Go ahead and watch this amazing video for yourself, after the jump.

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