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The List #0567: Drive The PCH

In case you hadn't noticed, we're now actively using your suggestions for new episodes of The List. We started the series with a few of our own, but suggestions from viewers like you have been flooding our inbox since the first episode. Race in the 24 Hours of LeMons? That was your idea. Visit an automotive museum? Your idea. And so is today's episode: Drive the PCH.

California's Pacific Coast Highway is known as much for its amazing views as it is for the enjoyable cruising that can be had along its asphalt. It's the type of drive where the destination is less meaningful than the trip that got you there and people you met along the way. In this episode of The List, Jessi and Patrick are given the keys to a suitably ostentatious droptop and sent north from Los Angeles to discover what the PCH has in store for them.

While the PCH is arguably one of the best roads in the country for cruising, every state has a similar road that shows off their unique, natural beauty. What's the best cruising road in your state? Let us know in Comments so we can try it out the next time we're in the neighborhood.

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