A Twitter user called miami4me2c discovered something interesting at a Toyota dealer the other day and thankfully shared pictures of this unusual Prius C Two window sticker. Remember, the base Prius C starts at just $18,950, and the Two normally starts at $19,900. With the options that dealer Al Hendrickson has added to the car, it should cost $20,839, but then someone at the dealer added a "Market Value Adjustment," which comes in at an astonishing $6,995. Total cost for the "cheap" Prius at this particular dealer? $27,834. We agree with what you just thought: that's completely absurd.

Or is it? We called Al Hendrickson Toyota with some questions for the general manager – why so much? and are people still interested at this price? – but were asked to leave a message and have not yet heard back. But think about it. This is one of the most popular high-efficiency vehicles in the U.S. right now, selling 1,200 units in the first three days it was on sale, and Toyota is increasing production to meet demand (both here and in Japan). We admit that the market values this car, but does it do so enough to tack on an extra 33 percent? We doubt it – especially when you can get a regular Prius Liftback or Prius V for around that much – but maybe someone down in Florida thinks so. Either way, Toyota representatives wouldn't comment and we know that dealers are independent and don't have to follow the MSRP. Still, $7,000 extra? C'mon, man.

*UPDATE: Toyota gave AutoblogGreen the following statement on the matter: "While Toyota Motor Sales does not advocate mark ups beyond the MSRP, the dealers are independent business operations and though we advise against raising prices beyond suggested retail, ultimately the final price is determined in the negotiations between a dealer and the customer."

Toyota Prius c Information

Toyota Prius c

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