Bob Lutz has learned something: you can't teach right-wing pundits the truth.

Yes, in his ongoing series of Chevrolet Volt defense columns for Forbes (see previous entries here and here), the former GM vice chairman has finally decided to throw in the towel. The short version of his awakening goes like this: "I am, sadly, coming to the conclusion that all the icons of conservatism are (shock, horror!) deliberately not telling the truth!"

You don't say.

Yes, Lutz who says he believes that "conservatism IS fundamental truth," calls Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly "chief disseminators of misinformation" for their apparently willful disregard for reality when it comes to the way they talk about the Volt. He has attacked right-wing pundits before, but he's done with trying to reason with them. After having both Charles Krauthammer and Mike Huckabee attack the Volt recently, he's added them to the pile of pundits that he no longer takes seriously. "After all," he writes, "how do I know they're telling the truth when the subject is one I'm not as familiar with as the Volt?"

Therefore, Lutz's latest column is called "I Give Up On Correcting The Wrong-Headed Right Over The Volt." It's not like we didn't have a hint this was coming. In his last article, you could tell he was getting frustrated at the "loony right." Read this to see what we mean.

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