It looks as though Subaru will be producing considerably more BRZ, Toyota GT 86 and Scion FR-S units than previously thought. According to, Yasayuki Yoshinaga, president of Fuji Heavy Industries, has announced that his company will produce 100,000 units per year at the Subaru plant in Ota City, Japan. (That figure accounts for every iteration of the sports coupe.)

So far, Toyota has seen around 7,000 orders for the GT 86, while Subaru fans have raised hands for 2,500 units. Those numbers are seven and 5.6 times more than each company's monthly sales goals, respectively.

Last we heard, Subaru was only planning to sell 6,000 BRZ units in the States in the first year. With the new production figures, it remains to be seen if the company plans to alter that figure to satiate the apparent demand. While some of the pre-order buzz will certainly die down after the vehicle has been around for a few months, we'd like to hope that sales will remain strong.

Subaru BRZ Information

Subaru BRZ

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