New car sales have endured all manner of impediments since The Great Recession began in 2008, and for various reasons including everything from restricted lending by banks to strikes and Acts of God. Next up among the bugbears could be a shortage of car haulers, which were pulled from active duty when there simply weren't cars to haul.

However, with 2012 sales riding a projected wave of 15 million in sales for the year, the opposite has happened: too many new vehicles to be shipped paired with a paucity of tractor-trailers and trains to do the shipping. Estimates put the disparity between demand and supply at 1.7 million vehicles – the kind of number that could make a dent that won't buff out.

On the other hand, shipping companies are buying all the haulers they can, it's only March, and no one knows how long the superheated sales will continue. Yet even if the hauler shortage is remedied, there could be a shortage of drivers. According to Heavy Duty Trucking magazine, finding truckers to fill the drivers' seats will become more difficult since pay hasn't kept up with the economy.

Follow the jump to see the Autoline Daily report (skip to 1:18 for the car hauler story).

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