QBEAK, the city electric vehicle that's been pitched by Denmark-based ECOmove over the past year and a half, received this year's 'European Electric Vehicles Early Stage Investment Opportunity Award' from UK-based Frost & Sullivan, which said that ECOmove is "very close" to starting sales of the car.

ECOmove is planning on offering QBEAK models with a single-charge range from 125 miles to about 190 miles, Frost & Sullivan said. The car, which weighs about 900 pounds and is made of rust-free materials, is about 10-feet long, or about a foot longer than a Smart ForTwo. The QBEAK's interior is also modular, offering as many as six removable seats. Frost & Sullivan didn't reveal pricing details or specify exactly when the model would launch, only saying that it would debut this year.

Last March, ECOmove released a promotional video for the commuter car that included information such as the fact that it has electric sliding doors and a floor cut-away to allow the driver easier seat access. ECOmove first unveiled a prototype of the EV in the fall of 2010. The company pitched an extra-light body made out of aluminum, Kevlar composites and plastics as well as recyclable body panels and a range of electric powertrains that could provide as many as 155 miles on a single charge.

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