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Residents of Amish communities famously eschew almost all trappings of modernity. No TV, no telephones, limited use of electricity, and, gasp, no Autoblog! But there comes a time in a young Amish person's life when they're allowed to go out and taste the world. And sometimes alcohol.
Case in point: Sunday evening, police in Sherman, N.Y. were responding to reports of a group of young Amish having a "buggy party." Before they could get there, though, another buggy carrying four Amish allegedly switched lanes abruptly and collided with the patrol car.

The buggy flipped, injuring one of the passengers and, we imagine, spilling what police say was the fruits of a beer run.

The crash must have been loud enough for the partygoers to hear, because when the cops finally showed up, several buggies were observed fleeing the scene.

The four passengers of the bashed-up buggy are charged with underage possession of alcohol. The driver, 20, faces additional charges since police say he admitted to being the host of the party.

And, by the way, the horse is fine. Police say it, wisely, fled the scene and took shelter in a nearby barn.

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