Facel Vega Concept?
  • Facel Vega Concept?
  • Facel Vega Concept?

You may never have heard of the French carmaker Facel. After starting out as a coachbuilder for companies like Delahaye and Bentley, Facel moved on to crafting entire cars. From 1954 to 1962, the company produced the Chrysler Hemi-powered Vega. Facel closed its doors in 1964, but some intriguing sketches and renderings have stirred up a lot of chatter on the Internet of a possible revival of the brand.

Details are scarce and almost impossible to verify, but if Google's translation of French websites are believable, the image above is a rendering of what the resurrected Facel could show off at this September's Paris Motor Show and we might even see a production version in 2014. But rumors written in French translated by Google are not exactly credible. The images all appear to come from a constantly updated Facebook page called "Facel Vega Concept."

Swoopy fenders, and a slick greenhouse wrap the four-seater concept in a sports car disguise. The interior sketches show minimal seating that seem more suited to racing than relaxing.

Speaking of performance, there's no mention of what would power such a car, but it sure is fun imagining that car barking with the power of Dodge's 392-cubic inch, 470-horsepower, 6.4-liter Hemi. Sinister sexiness.

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