Toyota has launched its online Prius C configurator that allows prospective buyers to check out color schemes and price out options for the compact hybrid version of the world's best-selling hybrid model.

The webpage includes a color wheel with nine choices and outlines options that are included on the Prius C One, Two, Three and Four. The base-priced Prius C One starts at $18,950. Add another $950 for the Prius C Two, and the buyer gets split fold-down rear seats and cruise control. The Prius C Three, for an additional $1,735, includes a smart-key system, power moonroof and on-board navigation. Finally, the top-of-the-line Prius C Four, at $23,230, includes touches such as alloy wheels, integrated fog lamps and heated front seats.

There's also a "Build Your Prius C" button on the site. Toyota says all four versions get 53 miles per gallon city and 46 highway, or a combined 50 miles per gallon. That puts the Prius C two mpg ahead of the standard Prius for city mileage but equal on combined fuel economy. Read here for our first-drive review.

Toyota is looking to boost Prius sales this year after last year's U.S. numbers were down largely because of supply issues stemming from the earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan last March. Toyota's U.S. Prius sales fell 3.2 percent last year to 136,363 units, but are up 33 percent through the end of February to more than 32,000 units. The automaker is hoping that the addition of the Prius C, Prius V wagon and Prius Plug-In this year will boost total Prius sales to 220,000 units this year.

Toyota Prius c Information

Toyota Prius c

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