You can now build and price a little Toyota Prius C of your own, all of which can be done in a configurator that appears to have been designed by Max Headroom and Pixar. The latest and littlest memeber of the Prius family comes in four stock grades, conveniently numbered One, Two, Three and Four. To get the game started you'll need $19,710 in configurator money for the Prius C One – that's an $18,950 base price and $760 for destination charges.

Even the least of the four comes with options like Bluetooth and remote keyless entry, the only conspicuous base-model giveaway being the 15-inch steel wheels. Head for the Prius C Four, as we did, and you'll start at $23,990 and get all the trimmings. The single most substantive option at this height is a $1,150 set of premium, bladed alloy wheels to replace the standard alloys. They aren't even an option on the One. The other exterior and interior options are mainly cosmetic, like protective film and side moldings, or convenience, like an ashtray cup and a cargo tray. Checking every box will set you back $26,287.

It's pretty straightforward – for instance, there are nine exterior colors, one is black, then there are two variations on white, red and blue. But head on over to Toyota's site and see what you can make because after all, you can never run out of configurator money.

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