Guess we called this one from the outset. Looking like a Mulsanne that just ate a Continental Flying Spur for breakfast and a GT for lunch, the Bentley EXP 9 F concept was the biggest disappointment – and we mean that literally – of the Geneva Motor Show. Apparently, Bentley must have agreed with our headline, because it's working on a new design for it's first production SUV, according to Britain's What Car? magazine.

According to the report, Bentley officials have admitted that the design was "heavy handed" and have promised to tone it down, as the SUV heads toward a likely 2015 on-sale date. Potential changes include "slightly smaller" headlights, and "more traditional SUV proportions," according to the magazine's source.

We hope Bentley goes a bit further and just starts from scratch, dumping the sedan-ified SUV look entirely. If Bentley is bound and determined to sell an SUV, it should come up with something distinctive for the brand that doesn't just ape the classic look of its car line.

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