Every form of motorsport requires a certain level of integration between man and machine. Drivers need to be able to quickly and accurately interpret what's going on with their vehicle and react accordingly, but superbike racing pushes that requirement to new bounds. Overshoot a corner, get too close to a competitor or simply get too greedy and riders can find themselves personally acquainted with the track surface.

Taro Russel recently took the time to attempt to capture the kind of partnership that grows between rider and bike in a new promo for superbike racing. Set to some solid Killers tunes, sketches of bone, muscle and organ grow before our very eyes. The ad is properly innovative, and the clips lifted from various races all but ensure an uptick in pulse by the time the screen goes black. Too cool. The video can be seen below so you can check it out for yourself.

Heart and Soul of Motorbikes from Taro Russell on Vimeo.

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