For sure, the Audi R8 is a striking machine, and even after five years on the market it continues to look sexy in all of its forms. Audi has pushed out several variants as well, including the V10-packing R8 GT 5.2 FSI, the topless Spyder and track-focused R8 GT.

To commemorate five years of the R8, Audi put together a short video, if only to remind us how the range-topping Audi looks even better in motion. And just to keep us thinking about its supercar, Audi finished the video with a sneak peak of the new R8, which bows later this year.

When Audi says "new," it really means freshened, though, with rumors of a bump in power and a few design tweaks. The bigger changes may not arrive until 2015, when the R8 is rumored to receive a more thorough makeover. See below for the video.

Audi R8 Information

Audi R8

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