A slick patch of black ice caused five car accidents in 30 minutes Monday morning near Columbus, Ohio. Nobody was seriously injured in the wrecks, although several drivers recounted harrowing experiences of losing control of their cars.

CBS affiliate 10TV News filmed the mayhem on the corner of Alum Creek Driver and Bixby Road, and caught several of the drivers spinning out of control on camera.

Pickup driver Kathy Lares slid into the path of an oncoming tractor trailer, which she miraculously avoided, and nearly struck a pedestrian on the side of the road before coming to rest near the 10TV News vehicle. "I went over there, over there and I'm all over here," she told the station.

Cars crashed into signs, guardrails and ditches before Franklin County salt trucks finally treated the bridge. Responsibility for salting the bridge, however, laid with the township of Obetz. A township official told the television station the town had three salt trucks responsible for more than 100 miles of road.

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