What's the next Tata Nano going to look like? The Megapixel concept is a good indication of where the Indian brand's ultra cheap micro-car could be headed in the next few years, and if the onboard tech makes it to production, the Megapixel could be one of the most compelling – and most affordable – city cars in the world.

Measuring in at a scant 138 inches, the Megapixel combines a small footprint with four electrically powered and individually articulating wheels that help it achieve an impressive nine-foot turning radius.

Power is provided by the aforementioned wheel-mounted electric motors which can deliver a maximum of 369 pound-feet of torque, with a 13kW lithium-ion battery pack providing the juice. A 325cc single-cylinder gasoline engine will refill the batteries for trips longer than 54 miles, giving the Megapixel a theoretical range of over 560 miles. A production model is still a ways out, but with Tata's continued expansion and ambition, we wouldn't be surprised to see something like the Megapixel on sale in India and other developing markets by the end of the decade.

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