The Roding Roadster 23 is here, and having been faithful to its renderings, it looks like it's come good. We knew it would have proper fenders from the latest drawings, but the red-and-black livery makes the little roofless coupe pop.

Roding still hasn't decided to spill all of its secrets, not that it looks to have many, but we know there'll be just 23 examples offered. Behind those huggy seats is a turbocharged inline six-cylinder engine from BMW producing 320 horsepower and 332 pound-feet, charged with propelling a car that weighs just 950 kilograms (2,090 pounds). An installable hood goes in the trunk section up front.

In the information from the company's site below, however, Roding indicates that "the first cars to be produced" are a limited edition of 23, which makes it sound like they'll be around for more than a couple dozen cars.
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Passion meets perfection
With a design that shows character and temperament and uncompromisingly high performance, this distinctive vehicle concept sets new standards in the roadster sports car segment. It's supreme agility and powerful performance allow you to experience the art of German engineering - firsthand. Because every Roding is manufactured by hand in a modern production process and can be customized to the smallest detail upon request, each car becomes a very personal item for it's owner.

It is time to travel beyond the beaten path and experience true, unfiltered driving pleasure. Experience the Roding, a Roadster created by people with passion for performance automobiles.

Performance made easy
The Roding is a two seat mid-engine sports car with a carbon fiber chassis and a powerful BMW 6 cylinder turbo charged engine. Maximum performance and driving dynamics are achieved through consequent lightweight construction, and a state of the art six cylinder turbo charged engine.

The Roding Roadster is powered by a BMW high-efficiency six in line turbo engine. The engine generates 320 HP and has a torque of 450 Newton meters. The centre engine is installed in transverse configuration in relation to the vehicle longitudinal axis. The lightweight concept with a vehicle weight of 950 kg in conjunction with the powerful engine give the Roding a power to weight ratio of less than 3 kg/HP. This allows not only spectacular acceleration values but also high curve speeds, which is expressed in a curve acceleration of 1.4 g.

Shifting is accomplished with a manual 6-Speed transmission, which transfers the power to an limited slip differential with a locking effect of up to 40%. This divides the engine power between the rear wheels, increasing the available traction while accelerating.

In combination with a sporty mixed tire compound, which can also optionally be ordered as a semi-slick variation, the rear axle thereby always remains easy to control, despite the high engine performance - even with the desired drift. In addition, the shocks and the fully independent suspension with double wishbones can be adapted to the purpose - road or race track - and individually adjusted by the driver.

23 sophistication in driving
The first cars to be produced are a special edition, limited run of 23 Roadsters, hence the name "Roding Roadster 23".These edition models feature an exclusive exterior design with all visible carbon parts like the hood, rear, chassis, doors and roof unpainted and the rest of the body in any custom paint color the customer wishes. It also includes factory installed racing components. This weight reduced Roadster was designed for the racetrack, but is also completely suited for daily use.

Perfomance through weight reduction
The essence of lightweight construction is the concentration on only what is necessary and the application of modern materials. The main chassis cell is manufactured of carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP), while the front and rear subframes are aluminum-CFRP hybrid structures. This material has been proven in its application in aerospace and formula one due to its low weight and high stiffness. Characteristics that play a large role in an open roadster like the Roding, since stiffness and light weight are the foundation for precise handling and impressive road performance.

Another core element of the main chassis is the integration of the required functions. For instance, the seat mounting points are integrated in the form making adapter brackets unnecessary.

"The Roding shows how it is possible to make ideal use of light-weight potentials in the vehicle with the fiber bond-appropriate design. The technologies used clear the way for the structural use of fiber bond materials in the major series", explains Dr. Klaus Drechsler (Professor, Technical University Munich), one of the most renowned scientists and technology specialists in the area of CFRP.

Technische Daten

2-seater roadster with mid engine and rear wheel drive. Convertible and coupé through removable roof shell which can be stored in the vehicle.

One-piece carbon fiber passenger compartment with integrated roll-over structure. Front and rear section with carbon-fiber-aluminum hybrid design.

Front trunk with storage area for the roof shells and the ability to load long objects such as a pair of skis, for example (max. length 1.75 m) or golf bag.
Dimension (LxBxH [mm]) 4106x2024x1190
Wheel base 2495 mm
Track front/rear 1620/1610 mm
Weight distribution front/rear % 40/60
Trunk volume [L] 330

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