Ram 2500 CNGWe're pretty fond of the Ram Tradesman. The truck offers impressive power and capability per dollar spent, and now it looks as if Chrysler aims to give buyers a little extra functionality, as well. For 2012, the Tradesman can be had in either Crew Cab or Quad Cab configurations to provide comfortable-enough transportation for six adults.

Long live the bench seat.

The vehicles will come boasting the same 4.7-liter V8 found in the standard-cab Tradesman, complete with 310 horsepower and 330 pound-feet of torque. With an EPA rating of 20 mpg highway and a standard tow package that allows the truck to pull up to 7,700 pounds, the pickup is still a smart combination of economy and power. That is, at least by full-size truck standards. A six-speed automatic transmission, spray in bed liner and a no-cost Ram Box storage system are all part of the mix, as well.

Ram also announced that it intends to offer a compressed natural gas version of the Ram 2500 Heavy Duty. Powered by a 5.7-liter V8, the truck is technically a bi-fuel offering. While there are CNG tanks on board, Chrysler also threw in an eight-gallon gasoline tank in the event buyers can't make it between CNG fueling stations. Canadian customers can opt for a 35-gallon gasoline tank, as well. In order for the truck to be able to swill down both fuels, new cylinder heads had to be designed with reworked valves and valve seats. The V8 also wears two sets of fuel rails and injectors: one for gasoline and the other for CNG.

The system is fully automatic, and will switch between the two fuels without any user input. Very cool. No prices have been announced for the 2500 CNG, though we do know the truck can haul up to 1,580 pounds and tow 7,650 pounds. Hit the jump for the full press releases.
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Ram Announces New Ram Tradesman Crew Cab and Quad Cab® Models

America's best value commercial full-size pickup now available in three cab styles
Great value includes no-charge RamBox and V-8 power
Price reduction on regular cab Tradesman makes it an even better value

March 6, 2012 , Indianapolis - The Ram Truck brand today announced that it would expand Ram 1500 Tradesman availability to include Crew Cab and Quad Cab® models, giving buyers an outstanding combination of value and performance across all Ram half-ton pickup configurations.

The Ram 1500 Tradesman previously was available in regular-cab models only.

"From the moment we launched the truck, the Ram 1500 Tradesman was a hit," said Fred Diaz, President and CEO, Ram Truck Brand and Chrysler de Mexico – Chrysler Group LLC. "Our new four-door Ram Tradesman models offer the pickup segment's best combination of room for six hard-working adults, V-8 capability and value."

The Tradesman is a value-priced package designed to meet the hard-working needs of small businessmen, construction jobsites and commercial fleets at an affordable price

"When we added Crew and Quad Cab availability to the sporty Ram 1500 Express, we were able to gain share in the segment by offering buyers the absolute best four-door truck value in the market," added Diaz. "Ram Tradesman offers fullsize work truck capability at a great price. Our 4.7-liter V-8 delivers 20 mpg, comes with a standard tow package and all the guts you need to get the job done."

Ram's 4.7-liter V-8 FFV engine is rated at 310 horsepower, 330 lb.-ft. of torque and 20 mpg EPA highway. The 4.7-liter V-8 delivers more power and more trailer-towing capability (7,700 lbs.) than competing base engines. For even more power, the 5.7-liter HEMI® V-8 with 390 hp / 407 lb.-ft. of torque is an available Tradesman option.

Tradesman models also get styled, full-face steel wheels, a fully warrantied factory-equipped spray-in bedliner and a 6-speed automatic transmission. In addition, Ram Tradesman 4.7-liter models now come with a no-cost RamBox cargo management system that includes lighted, lockable storage for tools and adjustable tie-downs – a $1,295 value.

Ram Tradesman has better performance, greater capability and more standard features than the competitions' work trucks. Features include link-coil rear suspension for best-in-class ride and handling, heavy-duty cooling for long life and reliability, Class IV receiver hitch, 4 and 7-pin trailer connectors, in-floor storage on crew cab models, forward-opening doors on Quad Cab, power windows and a six-speaker stereo with CD player and audio input jack.

"Durability, reliability and value for the money are the top three considerations for our customers. Their truck is the most important tool they own and one they'll use every day. The Ram Tradesman is a truck they can depend on."

All Ram Truck engines, transmissions and axles are covered by a segment-leading five-year, 100,000-mile powertrain warranty.

Prices for the Ram Tradesman Quad Cab start at $27,330, including $995 destination charge. The Ram Tradesman Crew Cab starts at $29,810. Ram 1500 Tradesman regular cab prices have been lowered for 2012 to $22,370 (when equipped with 4.7-liter engine).

The Ram 1500 Tradesman HD remains the ultimate in capability, with the heaviest towing (11,500 lbs.) and payload (3,125 lbs.) of any light-duty truck. Available exclusively in long-bed, regular cab 4x2 configuration, Ram 1500 Tradesman HD is offered at a base MSRP of $29,600, including destination.

Tradesman Quad and Crew models are currently shipping to Ram Truck dealers.

Ram to Build North America's Only OEM Compressed Natural Gas-powered Pickup

March 6, 2012 , Indianapolis - Today, Ram Truck announced it will become the only manufacturer in North America to offer a factory-built compressed natural gas-powered (CNG) pickup truck.

The Ram 2500 Heavy Duty CNG pickup is designed for fleet and commercial customers and offers cost and emissions benefits, using an abundant, domestically sourced fuel while reducing America's dependence on foreign oil.

"Commercial customers are extremely important to Ram Truck," said Fred Diaz, Ram Truck President and CEO Ram Truck Brand and Chrysler de Mexico – Chrysler Group LLC. "Adding a hard-working, fully capable CNG-powered truck to the Ram lineup makes a lot of sense – both economically and environmentally."

"Our commercial fleet customers have been asking us to build a CNG powered Ram," said Peter Grady, Vice President, Network Development and Fleet – Chrysler Group LLC. "These fleets have already developed their own fleet fueling infrastructure for CNG, and are strong proponents of the technology."

The Ram HD CNG is powered by the 5.7-liter HEMI® V-8 and features both compressed gas storage tanks and an 8-gallon gasoline fuel tank. Canadian customers can opt for a 35-gallon gasoline tank.

"Compressed natural gas is a widely accepted fuel in the U.S., Europe and Asia," said Robert E. (Bob) Lee, Vice President and Head of Engine and Electrified Propulsion Engineering -- Chrysler Group LLC. "As a fuel, CNG is readily available, well-suited to run in our 5.7-liter HEMI engine and is clean-burning with a low environmental impact. In fact, CNG demonstrates a reduction of 70 to 90 percent of smog-producing pollutants and significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions."

The Ram's 5.7-liter HEMI bi-fuel engine has been modified to run on compressed natural gas as well as gasoline. Redesigned cylinder heads with specifically designed CNG compatible valves and valve-seat materials allow the engine to burn both fuels. It also gets a second, CNG-specific fuel rail and set of injectors. New spark plugs improve combustion and durability, and a new powertrain control module allows the HEMI to seamlessly operate on either of the two fuel sources.

The Ram 2500 CNG system was fully engineered and tested by Chrysler Group and assembled at the company's Heavy Duty truck plant in Saltillo, Mexico.

In use, the system is automatic; eliminating operator switches altogether and utilizes either CNG or gasoline, transitioning from one to the other with little discernible difference in operation or capability.

Although a small amount of gasoline is used during engine startup, the Ram CNG runs exclusively on compressed natural gas. If the CNG tanks are emptied, the vehicle will automatically switch to gasoline.

In addition to a conventional gasoline fuel gauge, a second CNG-specific gauge sits adjacent to it in the instrument cluster.

CNG-only range is estimated to be 255 miles, while the backup supply of gasoline extends the range to 367 total miles.

The Ram 2500 Heavy Duty CNG's two ultra-strong 4.6 cu.-ft. (130-liter) CNG tanks are located in the forward portion of the Ram's 8-foot pickup bed. Both tanks are mounted to the frame and covered by a painted 50 ksi high-strength steel cover. The CNG filler connection is located next to the gasoline fuel neck, accessed through the Ram's fuel filler door.

The CNG tanks provide a gasoline gallon equivalent (GGE) of 18.2 gallons.

GGEs are calculated as having the same energy equivalent as one gallon of gasoline. CNG sold at filling stations in the U.S. is priced in dollars per GGE. A gasoline gallon equivalent of CNG is approximately 14.5 liters at 3600 psi.

At current prices, which are generally $1.25 less than the gallon equivalent of gasoline, CNG promises significant cost savings over the life of the truck.

The Ram 2500 CNG retains its heavy-duty capability: competent towing, payload hauling and outstanding acceleration for highway merging and passing.

Ram 2500 CNG offers 1,580 lbs. of payload, 4-ft.-8-in. usable bed length and 7,650 lbs. of towing capability.

The Ram 2500 is delivered ready-to-tow and standard equipment includes the integrated 4- and 7-pin connectors along with a Class IV hitch receiver. The Ram CNG also comes with a trailer brake controller with customer-programmable electric or electric-over-hydraulic trailer brake options.

Like every Ram 2500 Heavy Duty model, the 2012 Ram CNG's brake system reflects distinctive advantages, with huge, oversize 14-inch rotors and calipers to match. Front GAWR is rated up to 5,200 lbs. - ideal for northern climates requiring snow plow attachments.

Clean Energy
Natural gas is found abundantly in North America and is a common fuel source for large vehicle fleets.

CNG comes primarily from underground sources in the U.S. and Canada. It is plentiful and offers lower tailpipe greenhouse gas emissions than gasoline or diesel fuel. In fact, CNG vehicles emit 20 percent less CO2 than gasoline vehicles – and benefit the environment not only by lowering tailpipe emissions, but also generating fewer greenhouse gasses in fuel production, as well. Also, dedicated NGVs produce, on average, 70 percent less carbon monoxide, 87 percent less non-methane organic gas and 87 percent less NOx than traditional gasoline powered vehicles.

CNG is a mature technology that's available at a lower cost than other alternative fuels. It's further supported by positive consumer attitudes regarding green products and favorable governmental regulations and policy initiatives.

CNG technology is a viable near-term option to lessen transportation system dependence on crude oil.

Fleet Solutions
Fleet operators have a number of fueling choices.

There are approximately 1,500 CNG fueling locations across the U.S., half of which are accessible to the public. CNG producers are working aggressively to bring more on line every day.

"This technology is ready now and offers a viable solution along with number one fleet 'reason to buy' which is lower total cost of ownership," added Grady. "Delivering a factory-built Ram 2500 CNG underscores the importance of commercial and fleet customers to Ram Truck Brand."

In addition, large fleet operations frequently install both quick-fill and slow-fill CNG fueling stations. In addition, the Ram CNG's bi-fuel capability allows it to operate on gasoline indefinitely, until CNG can be added.

Ram executives expect customers for the new Ram 2500 HD CNG to include telecommunications companies, public utilities, natural gas production firms and government agencies.

Expanded CNG vehicle offerings and wider adoption of CNG as a primary fuel are expected to serve as a catalyst for expanded CNG product offerings and greater investment in CNG fueling infrastructure.

5-year/100,000-mile Warranty
A 5-year/100,000-mile powertrain limited warranty covers the HEMI V-8 and transmission, and adds internal engine components specific to CNG: the upgraded valves, the valve seats, fuel injectors and rail and the specially designed spark plugs - all part of the factory installed manufacturing and production processes.

Covering virtually every other aspect of the Ram 2500 CNG is a 3-year/36,000-mile bumper-to-bumper limited warranty. Specific to the CNG engineering, this covers all non-engine components, including the tanks, storage compartment and fuel filler equipment.

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