Obscure as it may have been (and remains still) to most motorheads on the western shores of the Atlantic, the original Cisitalia 202 was (and endures as) an icon in automotive design. It was fluid, harmonious, and looked as though it were carved by wind from a single bar of soap. The modern interpretation you see here, however, is a far cry.

Designed by the students in transportation design at the IED in Turin, Italy, the Cisitalia 202 E concept was unveiled here on the floor of the Geneva Motor Show to a largely indifferent audience. You can't fault the students or their school for that, because there's just so much going on here. But then it doesn't do much to stand out, either.

Suffice it to say that some of the projects – namely the 2008 Maserati Chicane – undertaken by previous graduating classes caught our attention in a better way. See what we mean in the gallery of live images above.

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