Claimed by some to be the crookedest road in the world, San Francisco's Lombard Street briefly became the crookedest waterfall in the world last Saturday.

The driver of a silver Buick told a resident of the street that he swerved to avoid a car of tourists in front of him and ran down a fire hydrant at the very top of the hill. Water streamed 14 feet into the air and gushed down and through the street's eight switchbacks.

Greg Brundage, told the San Francisco Chronicle, "If you had a raft, you could have ridden down the street."

We're surprised no one tried and hope we get a call the next time Lombard's flooded. One of our more adventurous staffers will be right over to brave the rapids.

Check out the story at The San Francisco Chronicle for more on the Lombard splash of a crash and more photos.

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