Sure, you could likely satiate your lust for speed with any number of mind-blowing and reality-bending supercars... but if you really want to break away from the pack with something that's as fast as it is different, we direct your attention to the matte blue machine above.

For 2013, Koenigsegg has updated the Agera R with more power – a staggering 1,140 when the tank is filled with E85 – one-piece hollow carbon fiber wheels, nano-surfaced cylinder sleeves, a so-called Triplex suspension setup co-developed with Öhlins Racing, standard stability control (which certainly sounds like a good idea considering the number of horses at its disposal...), a new exhaust system and downforce-adding front winglets.

We'd say that counts for a pretty thorough refresh of the Agera R for 2013. Have a look at our high-res image gallery of live photographs from the floor at the Geneva Motor Show to take in the 273-mile-per-hour goodness, and then click past the break for the full rundown from Koenigsegg.
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Koenigsegg reinvents the wheel

2 mars, 2012

Geneva Auto Salon 2012 – press release

Koenigsegg reinvents the wheel and presents 7 other exiting features for the 2013 Agera range.

1. The 2013 Agera R features the world's first hollow, one piece, super light carbon fiber wheel, using a proprietary method developed by Koenigsegg named Aircore™ Technology. The Aircore™ wheels save close to 20kg in unsprung mass, while providing great integrity and safety. The only metal part in the wheel is the tire valve – the rest is all once piece hollow carbon.

2. The Agera and the Agera R have the first production engines in the world to use nano-surfaced cylinder sleeves, from ANS, for reduced friction and fuel consumption.

3. New in-house developed engine management system, which provides added functionality whilst still meeting all OBD II regulations.

4. The rev limiter has been raised from 7250rpm to 7500rpm, raising power from 940 to 960hp on 98 Ron (93 din) fuel for the Agera and from 1115 to 1140hp for the Agera R on E85.

5. Koenigsegg reinstates its co-operation with Swedish shock manufacturer Öhlins Racing. Together they productionalized Koenigsegg´s unique Triplex suspension, that becomes standard on the 2013 Agera R.

6. KES (Koenigsegg Electronic Stability) is now standard on all Koenigsegg models.

7. A new, lighter rear exhaust section has been developed for the Agera R, which also improves the performance of the rear diffuser.

8. New front/side winglets for the Agera R provide 20kg more downforce at 250km/h, as well as reduced drag.

Innovative Car Configurator

The new configurator lets one choose any shade or color combination for the interior and exterior. As all Koenigsegg cars are made to order, allowing a high level of variation was the only feasible way of making the configurator true to life.

When a customer's vehicle configuration is complete, they can then print a PDF brochure of their specific car, with color codes for both the exterior and interior. The configurator is available at

Recent Records

If you have any doubt as to which Hypercar is most Hyper...

- 0-300 km/h in 14.53 sec

- 300-0 km/h in 6.66 sec

- 0-200 mph in 17.68 sec

- 200-0 mph in 7.28 sec

- A top speed of approximately 440 km/h – 273 mph

(yet to be verified)

- 1.6 G – Maximum lateral force on normal road tires

(dedicated Michelin SuperSport)

- 1.2 kg/hp – 2.6 pounds/hp

- The Agera is the only Roadster Hypercar with a

detachable and stowable hardtop

- 120 litres of luggage space

- Available in left or right hand drive

Data could be changed without further notice.

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