While Conan O'Brien may not be the car guy that Jay Leno is, for our money, he's funnier. Especially when he's doing vehicular bits on air, in this case, rubbing elbows with monster truck drivers.

But Coco doesn't just play the redneck card and point and laugh. He actually suits up in full Nomex and drives one of the most famous monster trucks of all time, Grave Digger. While Conan's performance behind the wheel is pretty tame by Monster Jam standards, he sure seems like he's having fun and it translates into some laugh-out-loud comedy.

No matter how you might feel about the sport of crushing derelict vehicles, we're pretty sure there's some little part of everyone that would like to get behind the wheel of one of these awesome trucks and unleash 1,500 horses of destruction at least once in their life.

Click past the jump to watch the full video.

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