ZR1 versus C6.R racer in Corvette straight-line race

Road & Track lined up the Corvette ZR1 next to the Corvette C6.R ALMS racing car to see how they'd compete in a straight line. Notice we didn't say "drag" or "drag race," since this isn't at the track and we can't tell the distance of the contest.

The C6.R is based on the ZR1, but comes in with about 500 horsepower to push its 2,745-pound weight and uses a sequential transmission and slicks. The ZR1 works with 638 horses but has 3,345 pounds to get going through a six-speed manual transmission and street tires.

The race starts at 0:15 seconds and ends at 0:23. You'll find the winner in the video after the jump.

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