Roding Roadster confirmed for Swiss reveal

The Roding Roadster 23 is one of the few complete surprises we'll expect at the Geneva Motor Show, the tiny Swiss company having managed to avoid getting its car snapped so far. In development for five years, the company's released a bit more info on it before the reveal: still limited to 23 examples, the turbocharged inline-six has been identified as a BMW unit with 320 horsepower 332 pound-feet, the carbon fiber monocoque includes carbon fiber A-pillars, the front and rear subframes are aluminum and carbon fiber, and it will come with an installable roof.

There's a battery-electric Roadster in development that we don't expect at the show. Using a Siemens battery pack, it will weigh 2,475 pounds compared to the gas engine's 2,090 pounds. Two electric motors can provide 320 max horsepower combined, but max torque rings the bell at 1,844 lb-ft combined. Continuous numbers are a still-heady 126 hp and 738 lb-ft combined.

No clue on pricing, but in spite of its Audi R8-ness, if it manages to look like the rendering and perform as promised, we imagine Roding will find 23 good homes soon enough.

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