Are you the 2013 SRT Viper?

As is the way these days, Chrysler has begun an achingly slow striptease for the 2013 SRT Viper, with zoomed-in closeups and shadowy shots that are difficult to glean much from. But just as they did during your childhood, Hot Wheels may have a quicker way for you to get your hands on the Pentastar's super coupe. The hyper-pixelated image shown above appears to be the 2013 Viper wrought in diecast 1/43 scale. Reportedly from a poster showing the toymaker's 2012 line of vehicles, this could just be our best look at the big snake yet.

While the wheels appear to be exaggerated in typical Hot Wheels fashion, the greenhouse and the long hood all seem to fit what we would expect for a new Viper, including an aggressive hood that appears to have at least three vents. The gaping lower fascia and headlamps look to be new forms as well, and if we squint a little, the roof looks like it could be a double-bubble. If this image is correct, it would seem to be clear that Chrysler has not forgotten about the car's heritage. Will it be modern enough while retaining the Viper's stock-in-trade rawness? We hope to know more soon.

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