Drive a Tank adds mobile home crushing

We checked driving a tank off our list of 1,001 Car Things To Do Before You Die in The List #0433 – or at least our hosts, Jessi and Patrick, did. They performed this feat at the aptly named Drive A Tank company in Kasota, Minnesota.

Drive A Tank offers a number of packages that include not only piloting up to three tanks in a day, but also history lessons on the usage of tanks in battle, a tour of their facilities and the chance to fire some historic military firearms. As Jessie herself experienced, there's even a Car Crush package that lets you drive a Chieftain Main Battle Tank over an auto that's past its prime.

But crushing a car may not be enough for you, which is why Drive A Tank just added mobile home crushing to its list of options. According to co-owner Tory Borglum, crushing cars has been a big hit with customers, but once the crush bug had bitten them, people wanted more. And so, Tony and company began intercepting mobile homes headed to the junkyard for one more fling on their tank course.

The Mobile Home Crush package starts at $500 and goes up to $3,495. Drive a Tank has also expanded its fleet of available military vehicles to drive with some non-treaded transports. New to the company this year are two M35 2½-ton cargo trucks and a GMV-spec military Humvee.
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The Only Venue in America Where You Can Drive Authentic Military Tanks Adds Exclusive New Demolishing Experience

Kasota, MN (February 17, 2012)-Most driving experience venues provide an obstacle course of some kind. Whether it's the requisite orange cones or a stack of tires, they are designed to sharpen drivers' skills. However, none actually let you drive through the obstacles-that would be pointless, right?

Actually no, it would be a lot of fun, especially if the obstacles are pre-manufactured homes!

Drive A Tank, the only venue in the United States where civilians can drive authentic military tanks, now offers its Mobile Home Destruction Experience, where you can experience virtual invincibility while driving a tank through a mobile home slated for destruction.

"Our car crushing experience has been very popular with our customers but they wanted more," says Tony Borglum, Co-Owner of Drive A Tank. "So I thought why not get some mobile homes that were already going to the junk yard and destroy them with our tanks? It's already a big hit with those who've tried it. It's not often you get to drive the most powerful vehicles ever built through something that isn't supposed to be driven through."

Located in Kasota, Minnesota, Drive A Tank's mission is to offer adrenaline-inducing quasi-military adventures. With eight authentic military tanks and several military vehicles that have been used in actual combat, you can drive a tank in a combat scenario and run over just about anything that gets in your way, including cars and mobile homes! Prices start at $500 and top out at $3,495 for the mobile home trailer trashing experience.

Additionally, Drive A Tank just added three new vehicles to the military driving experience: two Deuce and a halfs and a GMV-spec (ground mobility vehicle) Humvee, outfitted Navy Seals style.

Now thrill seekers with a fondness for military vehicles can take advantage of Drive A Tank's special courses in vehicles driven by our special forces!

While the Deuce and a Half may look like an ordinary military cargo transport vehicle, it is anything but. This 13,000 lb. six-wheel drive beast can tackle just about any form of challenging terrain with the help of its 6.6 liter engine.

The GMV-spec Humvee, while still a military beast in its own right, is lighter, faster and more nimble than the Deuce and a Half. It has a gun turret atop the vehicle and a modular armor kit designed to allow troops to infiltrate intense battle situations over diverse terrain and travel long distances safely.

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